Optix - How to Backup Copy of Scanned Images

If a file gets corrupt or deleted by accident once it is uploaded into Optix, the image or BatchControlFile can be copied from the below location into Optix to replace the corrupt or missing file.

Must have admin rights in Optix to do this.


Optix stores a ‘local’ copy of all scanned images when scanned from a dedicated Optix Scanning station in 1 of 2 locations:

 For Temps with Roaming Profiles:


For Heifer Staff:



Only staff or temps who scan batches will have the Batches folder.


In this folder you will find folders labels with the batch name.

Within each of those folders you find the individual images files plus a document called BatchControlFile.plist

The BatchControlFile is used by Optix to collect information about the batch as it goes through the Scan and Index stages of the Optix workflow.

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