Optix - Update Donor Docs with BBTrans

BBEC is the system of record for donor information. This document describes the process used to update Optix via the BBTrans executable, which uses the Optix Transaction ID as the common link between the BBEC and Optix. BBEC updates all Optix information in the Optix record if an Optix Transaction ID is attached to the BBEC record. 

This is a currently a manual process.

Note: Access to Optix Server is required to perform this procedure.


  1. Log onto the Optix Server - optix.heifer.org, via

Login as: Optix


Two icons on desktop:

  1. Open the BBEC Update folder.
  2. Copy the latest Rev##.csv file from the BBEC Update folder to the bbtrans folder.

The Rev##.csv file contains all records in BBEC that contain an Optix ID.

  1. Once youve copied the Rev##.csv file to the bbtrans folder, go to the original in the BBEC Update folder & rename the file by adding the .bkp extension.  See older files for example.
  2. Select Yes to rename the file.

  1. Only keep one copy of REV##.csv.bkp files in the bbtrans folder.

  1. Double-click to run the bbtrans.bat

  1. Select Run

Once selected, the windows cmd screen will appear.

This process will run for about 5 hours.

Once it is completed it will automatically rename the current REV##.csv file to REV##.csv.bkp

Because this process takes so long to complete, only run it when Optix is not busy, such as in the evening after 5pm.

During the busy season, you many only want to run it on the weekends or after 9pm.

  1. Close the Remote Desktop Connection by clicking on the X in the upper corner. 

A warning message as below will appear.

  1. Select OK to exit.

The process will continue to run, even though you are not connected to it.

No further interaction is required to complete this process.

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