Optix - Run Script Error When Using Lookup


Issue: Run Script Error message while trying to use Lookup feature from the Donor Docs screen in Optix

Resolution: All Optix software must be installed


  1. Three Optix software pieces must be installed for Donation Processing
    1. Install the following from G:\Optix\PC Workstation:
      1. Optix 8 WS-Setup.
    2. Install the following from G:\Optix\Donor Docs Lookup
      1. Heifer Donor Docs-setup_1.1.exe
      2. Heifer Prod-nog.reg  (Registry Entry)

  1. Donor Docs Lookup software is required in order to use Lookup feature on the Heifer Donor Docs screen

  1. Using Lookup feature on Heifer Donor Docs screen
    1. Enter a valid BBEC Donor ID or Finder ID
    2. Select Lookup
      1. The Lookup button is a direct link to BBEC, which will auto populate donor information into Optix Heifer Donor Docs screen

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