Optix - Modify Existing Users

Modifying Existing Optix Users

  1. Connect to Optix Server

  1. Log onto Optix Server as Optix or yourself. (Must be in Optix Admin Group to modify users)
    1. Login: Optix
    2. Password:

  1. Open Optix NtAdmin

  1. Under Users, select View/Modify User Information
    1. Select User that you want to modify
    2. Click OK

  1. From this screen, you can make several changes as described below

    1. Login Information:
      1. Change User Password - IS NOT USED
        1. Reason - It is not Linked with Active Directory
        2. If there is an issue with Optix password, try changing network password
      2. Modifying First, Middle or Last Names

    1. Account Management:
      1. Adding Priority
        1. Donation Processors are only ones with Priority
        2. Priority reserves a license and non-priority users cant use it
        3. # of Priority licenses must be set in Optix.LIC license file
          1. The license # determines total licenses available
          2. Three numbers at bottom of file determine # of priority licenses
          3. Located on Optix Server: C:\Program Files (x86)\Optix Server\local\etc\optix.lic
      2. Increasing Server Timeout
        1. Default is 600
        2. This can be increased per user

    1. User Information
      1. E-mail Address has to be entered manually
      2. Description comes from Active Directory (AD)

    1. Folder Information
      1. Not in use at Heifer

    1. Workflow Profile
      1. Supervises Group - allows user to view Work Lists of other members of group
      2. Donation Processing Group = 1029  (Donation Processing Only)
      3. All DVS Users Group = 1001 (Call Center & Donation Processing)
      4. Call Center Group = 1027 (Call Center Only)
        1. Avoid granting this access to non-Heifer staff. It can cause major problems if user doesnt understand the system
        2. Groups are listed by name and not by #

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