Optix - URL Not Opening Image

When viewing Optix tab in BBEC, Optix image is opening a folder instead of instantly popping up. User has to click on Folder before the image will appear.

It should appear like this:

Adjust Optix Options for user who will be Scanning

  1. On the Optix Scanners PC, open Optix and login as the local user.
    1. On DVS Mailroom scanners, the user should be DVSSCANNER
    2. On Fujitsu fi-6130 scanners, the user will vary.
  2. Under Tools, click on Options

  1. In the Optix Options, click on Workflow


  1. Under Other Settings, Select No is selected for Create enclosing folder for single routed object
    1. This will make the folder go away and the image will then immediately open

  1. NOTE: If more than one image is attached to a donor record in BBEC, a folder with options will appear.
    1. This folder is not confusing like the issue above.

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