Optix Error - BBEC not Renaming Optix Batches


DVS team complains of batches at the Data Entry step in Optix, but not showing up in BBEC.


You see multiple batches in the BBEC Batch Entry listing that are named with a number.

Two possible reasons for this:

  1. Duplicate BBEC Batch
  2. Optix and BBEC batch names do NOT match

To find the name of the batch that is causing the problem, within BBEC:

  • Admin (Requires BBEC Admin Rights)
  • Under Data >>  Global Changes
  • Update Optix Batch Number
    • Find Batch type of 9000 batch: Example Optix - Major Gifts/White Mail - Cash/Check would be under ADMIN- Optix - MG/WM - Cash/Check

Double click the batch type to find the problematic batch number from previous list. A yellow Did not finish message will be shown. Batch name will be listed within the Status Message. See example below:


  1. For Duplicate batches:
    1. Verify that the batch already exists in the Uncommitted or Committed batches
    2. Delete the duplicate 9000 batch

  1. For Optix and BBEC batch names do NOT match:
    1. Occasionally exception batches must be created in BBEC. These batches will have the original batch name with xs or ex added to the end to show they are exceptions
    2. The BBEC Optix Renaming process  does not know how to handle this duplication
    3. Rename Optix-Batch Number within the batch to match the BBEC batch Number on the blue bar. See example below:

    1. From BBEC under Administration > Global Changes > Process Global Change  for the affected batch type to re-start the automatic renaming process

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