Optix - Removing Duplicate Donor Docs

Issue:  When there is an issue with a batch and it is sent back to the Indexing step, duplicate Heifer Donor Docs are created

Resolution:  The Duplicate Heifer Donor Docs need to be deleted

Note: Must be in Optix - Admin Group to delete donor docs

  1. Query for Affected Batch on the Heifer Batches database screen

  1. Located the Number of Items
    1. In this example: 20

  1. Query for Affected Batch on the Heifer Donor Docs database screen

  1. Locate the # of Hits at the bottom of the screen
    1. In this example, there are 38 Hits - Hit 1 of 38
    2. There should only be 20, so there are 18 duplicate documents

  1. Log into BBEC - Click Once
  2. Search for Affected batch

  1. Open the Batch
    1. Compare the Optix - Transaction ID in this batch to what is stored in Optix
    2. The Optix numbers found in BBEC are linked directly to Optix
      1. These transaction IDs should be saved in Optix
      2. All others can be properly deleted

  1. Within Optix, sort the Heifer Donor Docs from the query by Transaction ID
    1. The donor docs in the RED box below should be CAREFULLY deleted in Optix

  1. To delete the duplicate Heifer Donor Docs
    1. Use Shift-key and mouse to select the bad Donor Docs
    2. Right-click on any of the highlighted documents
    3. From Drop-down menu, select Delete Index Record…

    1. Be CAREFUL at this point
    2. Under Delete Options, select Delete the Index Record Only
      1. This is very important!
      2. If left on the default of Delete both the index record and any attached object, it will delete the check image for both the duplicate and the good index record.
    3. Under Other options, select Apply to All
      1. If not, Delete will need to be selected for each item
    4. Select Delete

  1. Re-query Donor Docs to ensure that the correct amount appear.

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