Optix - Adding New NT Users

  1. Connect to Optix Server

  1. Log onto Optix Server as yourself. (Must have Network Admin permissions to create accounts)

  1. Open Optix NtAdmin

  1. Expand Users

  1. Select Add NT Users

  1. Enter dcm as PDC:

  1. Click Refresh the User List to populate list
    1. If the list is not complete, you are logged in as Optix and not your user
    2. Select Get More Users to move to the next group of users
    3. They are sorted by username
      1. If you click past the name, Select Doneat the bottom and start over

  1. Select user that you would like to add them to Optix
    1. Under User Permissions, check Imaging User & Workflow User (We do not have a license for Text Search User)
    2. Select group from dropdown under Add user to the Optix Group
    3. Select Admin Group for select Admin Users
    4. Select All DVS Users for Call Center & Donation Processors
    5. These options can be added later if they are missed during this step

  1. Select Add the user(s) to Optix to add to Optix
    1. Must add per page of users (You will have to start over if you try to do two pages of users at a time)
    2. Optix will warn if the user already exists

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