Agresso Error: Illegal value (xxx) for DEPARTMENT


When user attempts to open an existing project master file, or create a new project master file and the following message appears: ”Illegal value (xxx) for DEPARTMENT”

Other indicators

No available department values listed in the Department drop down menu while the attribute values in the common folder attribute value tables show active department values with valid periods.


"Current period" setting in company information setup tab failed to update following period close.


NOTE: The resolution to this problem requires system rights to make changes in the fixed registers screens in the Agresso Common folder in the affected client. If you do not have access or security rights to make those changes, please send a message to with reference to this article.



  1. In the affected client, click to expand the Agresso Common folder, then Fixed Registers, and double-click to open Company Information.

  1. In the Company Information window, click on the Setup tab and change the Current period field to reflect the actual current period.

  1. Save your change.
  2. Return to the Project Master Files to verify that the issue has been resolved.

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