How to Connect to Heifer VPN with FortiClient

Revised Jan 2015

How to Connect to Heifer VPN with FortiClient

(For Windows 7)


Heifer’s VPN has been replaced with a product that combines VPN, Firewall, and Antivirus into one product. Below is a step-by-step document to assist you with the use of the new VPN feature from FortiClient.

To Connect FortiClient VPN


1.      Double click the FortiClienticon on your desktop

2.      On the left hand side, select Remote Access

3.      Enter your Heifer Network username and password

4.      Click Connect


Alternate Method

1.     Right Click the FortiClient icon in the System Tray

2.     Click Connect to "Heifer VPN"

Synchronizing Login and Heifer Passwords


When working remotely, your password to login to your computer and your password for Heifer’s network (e-mail, Citrix, Vidyo, etc.) can get out of sync. The Heifer VPN can sync your passwords.


1.       Connect to Heifer VPN

2.       Leaving the VPN connected, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the keyboard

3.       Click Lock this Computer

4.       Unlock your computer with your Heifer Network password


  •       A VPN connection is needed to access Shared Drives, primarily. Heifer VPN is not required for access to e-mail, Vidyo conferencing, or to use your computer. Questions about VPN requirements can be sent to


  •        If the primary Heifer VPN will not connect, choose Secondary Heifer VPN from the drop down list. If problems still persist, contact



  •       Heifer VPN will not work, nor is it required, within Heifer’s network. (i.e. at HQ, Heifer Ranch, Heifer Farm, or Washington DC office)


  •       Run Drive Mapping after connecting the Heifer VPN to map shared drives. 



Any questions regarding the VPN can be sent to or call 866.907.2810.







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