Optix Error - Scanner Not Detected


Scanner has been setup in Optix workstation but now it wont give the scanning option when Optix starts up.

Step 1:  Currently only two options for Optix scanners: fi-6130dj or fi-6670dj

The scanner should appear in Windows Device Manager. See Image 1.0, top row.

Image 1.0

The Twain driver is all that is necessary for the setup of the scanner in Windows. The Optix drivers control it from within Optix Workstation.

If not listed in Device Manager, follow standard hardware troubleshooting steps.

Once scanner appears in Device Manager, open Optix and login.

Image 2.0  

Step 2: From menu bar select Scan > Select Scanner

Two options should appear: (see Image 2.0) DEMO Scanner and Fujitsu fi-6130 (or fi-6670)

The Check Mark should be by the Fujitsu scanner.

Close Optix.

Reopen Optix and login in.

Note: If the scanner still does not appear in the Scan > Select Scanner List (see Image 3.0), Unplug the scanner from the PC and check list again. Repeat Step 2.

Image 3.0 

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