Optix Error - Remote Server Logon Window

Optix Error - Remote Server Logon Window

Issue: Remote Server Logon window pops up while trying to scan Donor Requests and the user listed does not match the user currently logged into Optix

Error Image 1

Resolution: Edit theSend to Donor RequestsCapture Task Item to reflect the current Optix user

  1. Make sure that the user attempting to scan has an account in Optix and the profile is created in Optix

*** Do not use Frontdesk as the login for Optix

    1. To add new Optix profile:
      1. Under Server
      2. Click on Manage profiles
      3. Click New
        1. Profile Name - Normally first and last name. It is not case sensitive
        2. Server - optix.heifer.org
        3. User Name -fwurl  
        4. Click Add
        5. Click Close  - (Uses Network password)

  1. Click Cancel on the Remote Server Logon window - Error Image 1.
    1. The window below will appear.
    2. Click on Palette

  1. In the Capture Task Items window, click the
    Destination tab, select Send to Donor Requests > Edit

  1. If another user is setup to scan, the users information will pop up, asking for a password.
    1. Select Cancel to change this information

  1. If the current Connection user name does not match the user logged into Optix, click the drop drown to select another user.
    1. Select the correct user from the dropdown list
    2. This list will match the Optix Profiles List
    3. Click Accept to save changes

  1. Once updated, scanning can begin in Donor Requests

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