Optix Process - Scanning Donor Requests at the Front Desk

Optix Process -

  1. Log out of all network accounts
    1. Phyllis is normally the only other user account logged in
    2. The scanner will not work if two network accounts are logged in at the same time
  2. Login to the PC as user:   Frontdesk
    1. Get password for Frontdesk from Phyllis or supervisor: Lucy, Jason, etc
  3. Open Optix Workstation

  1. Make sure that the user has an account in Optix and their individual profile is created in Optix *** Do not use Frontdesk as the login for Optix
    1. To add new Optix profile:
      1. Under Server
      2. Click on Manage Profiles

      1. Click New
        1. Profile Name - Normally first and last name. Is not case sensitive
        2. Server -optix.heifer.org
        3. User Name -fwurl  
        4. Click Add
        5. Click Close  - (Uses Network password)

  1. Ensure that the scanner is attached and recognized by Optix
    1. Under Scan,Select Scanner
    2. Make sure Fujitsu fi-6130 is highlighted

  1. If present, browse to Scan > Capture Tasks > Donor Requests

  1. Place each letter/request from donors right side up and facing away from you in the top hopper of the scanner
    1. You may need to hold them in place until the scanner is activated with step 8.
    2. Can scan multiple pages, but should be only contents of one envelope

  1. Press Run to scan requests from Donors Requests window
    1. The SCAN Donor Requests should be highlighted in gray or blue before pressing Run

  1. If you get a Remote Server Login popup window, reference KB article: Optix Error - Remote Server Logon window link here for instructions.

  1. These images will appear after you click on Run. The images will include the following and may appear in a different order than the example below:
    1. Donor Documents indexing window
    2. The scanned image
    3. Insert Record Error message

  1. The error message below will appear. This is just a warning message and is expected.

  1. On the Donor Documents indexing page, the following fields will need to be updated:
    1. Received Date - Date the mail was received. Does not have to be exact.
    2. Donor ID or Finder ID - Used to populate the required Lastname field.
      1. Add either number, then click Lookup to auto populate Donor Information from BBEC
    3. Donor Requests Type - It will be either a Compliment or a Complaint

  1. Once all the above fields are updated, click Route
    1. This will send the image and the Donor Documents record to the call center to be processed
    2. This will complete the scanning process

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