Optix Process - Running Troubleshooting Console Trace

1.               Use Remote Desktop Connection to Log into the Optix Server.

a.                  Note: Make sure you log in as the user, Optix.

b.                  Login: Optix

c.                  PW: E..2…r


2.                  From command prompt, execute the below command:



3.                  Monitor Console log from the following location:

a.                  Logs can be renamed on the fly

b.                  New logs will automatically be created

                                            i.                       The 2success and 3success below captured the successful upload.


4.                  Update the Optix profile for the problematic user

a.                  Server:   This number will take the place of optix.heifer.org

b.                  Exit Optix

c.                  Open Batchscan

5.                  ONLY login to BATCHSCAN

a.                  Follow normal steps taken to process a batch

b.                  Close ‘Scanner message’ before Upload batch


6.                  To end Trace, log out of Optix

a.                  The command prompt will be returned, so you know the trace has stopped.

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