Laserfiche Web Access 10 New Features


Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox); in the address bar type the following:

Use Option 1

       (Use Option 2- If your windows authentication does not work)






The look and feel of Laserfiche Web Access has been completely overhauled. It now features a clean, modern look, faster page loading, and an interface that responds immediately to user actions. In addition, Web Access is now responsive to the platform on which it is being used; it adjusts automatically for the best display on phones, tablets, and monitors of various sizes.

The new user interface also includes the following improvements:

  • Full screen mode in the document viewer, to maximize screen real estate.
  • Continuous scrolling when viewing a document.
  • Multi-column page and thumbnail display, allowing you to view multiple document pages at once.
  • Documents open in dedicated tabs, allowing you to move them to their own window or display two documents side by side.
  • A preview pane in the folder browser allows you to view the pages or thumbnails of a document before you open it.
  • A streamlined interface for searching.


Search Repository (Basic Search)


Display Options


Folder Browser Toolbar


Folder Pane


Content Pane


Detail Pane- Metadata, Fields, Preview & Processes Tab


Starred, Recently Opened Documents & Recycle Bin



Web Access now features quick access lists, allowing users to easily locate exactly the documents they need. The following quick access views are available in Web Access 10:

  • Documents in Use. Documents that the user either has checked out or locked for editing will appear in the Documents in Use quick access view. This allows users to locate documents that they’re working with, save or discard changes, and check them in.
  • Starred. Users can mark documents and folders as starred so that they can quickly find them again in the Starred quick access view. See Starred Entries, above, for more information.
  • Recently Opened Documents. The documents that you most recently opened-whether in Web Access, the Laserfiche Client, or Laserfiche Mobile-will be listed in the Recently Opened Documents quick access view. This allows you to find the documents you were working with last without having to search or browse to them again.



Users can now mark documents and folders that they want to easily find again with a star. Starred entries are listed in their own quick access view, allowing users to quickly locate a specific document or folder again. For instance, a user might star a form that they frequently need to refer to, or their own personal folder. Stars are user-specific, allowing users to mark exactly the entries that they need to locate.  Once an item has been starred, it will show up in the starred quick access view in the desktop Client, Web Access, and Laserfiche Mobile, making it easy to find regardless of the platform being used.



ADD- Right click a document/folder; Select Add Star

REMOVE- Right click a document/folder; Select Remove Star




Searching within a document is now faster and easier. You can search directly from the quick search bar at the top of the document. Context hits will display in a dropdown, allowing you to navigate through search hits or jump straight to the one you want.  (See example below)

Example:  Search for the word:  Heifer

Context Hits are located at the bottom; Select one from the list


It highlights every instance of the word "Heifer”.  The list of Context Hits now shows up inside the document that is opened so you can easily scroll to choose a different page if it is not the one you are looking for.



You can now perform searches for documents in the recycle bin, allowing you to easily locate deleted documents. You can search on many of the properties of the deleted document, including document name, fields, and tags. All users can search for documents they themselves deleted, and users with the Manage Entry Access privilege can search across all documents in the recycle bin. This is especially useful for administrators, who may need to locate an accidentally-deleted document, or identify which documents contain a particular metadata type.



To search the Recycle bin; In the upper right hand corner; click on the Magnifying glass 



You have the option to Search the Document Text, All Field, Entry Names and/or Annotation Text


You can add a search type from the Add Search Type List:

Laserfiche 10 features a new search processor, resulting in significant improvements to search performance and behavior. In addition to improved performance, the search processor now supports additional advanced search types, including support for searching for the date a record entered final disposition, the date a document was checked out, or the date that the electronic file portion of an electronic document was last modified. In addition, the Laserfiche Full-Text Indexing and Search Service now features improved performance during indexing.

Dont forget you can always use the Laserfiche Online Help Guide:

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