Laserfiche Forms - ePCR Instructions

Step 1: Login in to Laserfiche forms following the link

Step 2: Enter your network user name and password.


Step 3: Click “Start Process”




Step 4: Click “Start” on the row for ePCR – Electronic Personnel Change Request.


Step 5: Enter the name of the employee’s names for this change request.




As you begin typing the employee’s name a drop box will appear. You can either select
from the drop box or type the full name.



Once you select the employee’s name their personnel information will auto populate the
applicable cells.

Step 6: Complete the comments section with as much detail of the action you are
requesting. Attach any documents that is related to the personnel change action.

Step 7: Conduct a final review to ensure the details of the request form are fully
completed and click “submit”


Allow the transaction to submit.


You will receive a confirmation in your e-mail that your ePCR has been submitted and is
being processed.


At anytime you want to see where your ePCR is in workflow, click on the link provided in your confirmation e-mail.






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