Agresso - Enter Timesheet Information for Another Staff Member-DIA

Adding Distributed Information Access for Timesheets

All employees should have this relation added during setup to enable an assigned representative the ability to fill out timesheets are the need arises.

Under Menu, click on the Personnel tab



Then click on Personnel from the Personnel menu bar

Enter the name (or portion of the name) of the personnel you are needing to change.  



  Next click on the Relations  tab.


Under PCB/Timesheets - note that Distributed   Access – Timesheet for multiple resources (DIA_ESS_MR) has no value at this time.

Click on the DIA_ESS_MR row to edit it

Enter HR in the Relation Value field, and the date in which the ability should be active from and an ending date – generally set to 12/31/2099.

Note: If there is a need to have timesheet information entered for this employee for a date prior to the date this relation is being created – you will need to back date the starting date to allow the data entry to occur.


Save your changes.


Entering the time for Another Staff Member

Log into Agresso

Under Menu, click on Time and Expenses


Click on Timesheets – Standard


In the Timesheet for Name field, start typing in the name of the employee whose timesheet you will be submitting.


If you are trying to enter a timesheet for someone and you see this error:


Change the Date in period first, then type the name of the employee for whom you want to create a timesheet. You will now be able to create the timesheet for the employee. (Note: after changing the Date in period it may revert to an earlier date after selecting an employee – you may need to change it again). If changing the date does not eliminate the error, the employee may not have the HR Relation setup in their personnel record. Enter the time worked as you would for your own timesheet and then save.

Select Ready when to submit the timesheet for the employee.

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