Laserfiche Web Access Move/Copy/Copy Shortcut Options

Move will completely move the entry to the new location.

The original entry will remain in its original location and copy can be placed in another location. A copy of an entry will contain most of the same information as the original. For instance, a copy of a document will contain all of its pages, electronic file information, annotations, and most of its metadata, and a copy of a folder will contain all of the documents within that folder. However, copied documents (whether copied individually or as part of a folder) will not contain document relationship, link group or version information from the original. The metadata can be changed on the copy.

A shortcut is a pointer to a document or folder elsewhere in the repository. A shortcut does not have contents of its own; when you click on a shortcut, the document or folder to which it points will open.

If you open a shortcut and modify its metadata or pages, you are actually modifying the metadata or pages of the document to which it points. However, shortcuts can still be secured, moved, copied, and renamed.

Note: When creating a Shortcut; the user will need to have rights to the original document



Right Click on the Document/Folder; Select More or Copy



Select Move


Then click Move



Click Copy


Then click Paste



Click Copy Shortcut


Then click Paste



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