Laserfiche Forms - Using the Operational Dashboard

As we build more forms in Laserfiche and broaden the users - we want to make sure that we document some of the functionality that is now available for Form Managers in Laserfiche Forms. Not everyone will be able to see the dashboards associated with form, only those that have been given access by the Laserfiche team will be able to see any forms dashboards. (questions? contact

First let's start with logging into Remember - Laserfiche forms is not the same site as the Laserfiche repository.


Next, to see the the Dashboard for your form, click on My Reports at the top of the screen:

You should see this page and any reports that you have access to.

Click on Dashboards to see any Operational Dashboards that you have access.

Click on the Dashboard you want to open - note that the dashboard tells you how many instances of the form are currently in process - and what stage they are in below the total.

The data is then broken down by user and stages to a more detailed look.

You can click on the hyperlink next to the Total instances to see the individual forms.

Then you can click on any of the individual forms to see the audit trail

This should assist in answering end user questions about their requests through Laserfiche.  

Questions? Contact for support.

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