Welcome to Heifer 365

Welcome to Heifer 365

Heifer International has an exciting new way to keep you connected to your mail especially for those days that you are away from your heifer computer and have other means of accessing the internet. You may log on to https://outlook.office365.com or http://webmail.heifer.org, follow the prompts and you will be connected to your email in no time. If you choose to continue to use http://webmail.heifer.org you will be rerouted to https://outlook.office365.com, so either way would be fine. You are able to access your emails, calendars, mail folders once you are there, but with the implementation of office365, much more is available right at your fingertips.

Step 1. Once you are logged onto https://outlook.office365.com the first thing you will notice is that it opens directly to your email.



Side Note 1. If you chose to use http://webmail.heifer.org, this is how it will look and these are the steps to follow.



Step a. You will need to login with your Heifer ID, for example: (username@heifer.org) jdoe@heifer.org or you may use the old style format: (domain\username). Click sign in after all information is successfully put in.

Step b. You will be redirected to click a link that will take you to your new mailbox.



Step c. You will now see your new mailbox



Step 2. In the bottom left hand corner of your screen, you will notice 4 icons. From left to right they represent your Mail, Calendars, People and Tasks.





  1.            Folder List: is where you will find every folder that you have that is associated with your outlook mailbox.
  2.            Search Box: is a box where you can search for anything that is within your mailbox folders with the use of keywords.
  3.            New: is a button that allow you to create a new, email, calendar, and event group.
  4.            Notifications: Is setup to alert and assist you whenever have activities within, Skype, Notifications, Settings, Help, or your Profile.
  5.            Access Box: Allows you to access your mail, calendars, people and task.
  6.            Preview Window: The preview window gives you open access to view, edit or delete all the messages associated with everything in your folder list



  1.            Search Box: allows you to search for anything within your calendar with the use of keywords.
  2.            Calendar List: gives you all optional calendars that are associated with your calendar list.
  3.            New: allows you to create, calendar events, email messages, and birthday events.
  4.            Add Calendar: allows you to add a secondary calendar, holiday calendar, from file, from internet, from directory.
  5.            View By: Allows you to view your calendar by the, day, work week, week, month, and today
  6.            Preview Window: allows you to see the all calendar events for any calendar that you have selected.




  1.             Search Box: Allows you to search for anyone within the heifer network, also people that you have manually added.
  2.             People’s List: consist of folders that list your contacts in different categories.
  3.             New: allows you to create a contact, contact list, or group.
  4.             Manage: allows you to connect to social networks, import contacts, or export contacts
  5.             Preview Window: allows you to view anything that is associated with any selected folder on the left-handed side of the screen.



  1.             Task List: allows you to see folders associated with tasks that has been assigned to you.
  2.             Active: Allows you to see your task by filters, sort by, or a list order.
  3.             Preview Window: Allows you to see your tasks that are associated with the selected folder to the right of the screen.

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