MS Planner: Overview and How to Request a Plan


Microsoft Planner



We are pleased to introduce Microsoft Planner from Office 365! Planner offers an intuitive project collaboration tool based on the kanban-management style, popularized by other project collaboration tools such as Trello. It is not as complex as Microsoft Project but it does have more capabilities than Microsoft Excel for task management.

  • Use Kanban methodology, where your buckets/columns would be: Requested, Planning, Active, Completed or custom buckets that tasks can be moved into as they progress.
  • Just like our familiar AtTask/Workfront application, you can create tasks to pin to a bucket and assign who will be completing those tasks.
  • See the status of the tasks as "in progress", "late", or "completed".
  • Easily drag and drop your team members' icons into the task to assign them.
  • Add notes, links, files, create a checklist, and add color-coded labels.
  • Move tasks to different lists and check off tasks without having to open the task card by allowing task previews.


In conclusion, Microsoft Planner is a web-based tool designed for a group of people within an organization to work together to organize their plans and teamwork on various ad-hoc projects.

Get started today by requesting a new plan via IT's Network Access Form.

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How to Request a Plan


A Plan can be requested via a Network Access Form (NAF) and will be created by ITS.



To request a Plan, follow these steps:

Access the Network Access Form (NAF) or browse to and select Start Process >> Network Access Form (NAF). Select Creation of Team Productivity Tools/Application


Enter the Country location Next, select “Microsoft Planner” from Type of Productivity Tool/Application


Enter the Preferred Planner Name and Owner


Click Submit *Submitter will be notified once IT has created the Plan




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