Laserfiche - Check-Out, Check-In and Undo Check-Out

Check Out / Check In/ Undo Check Out


Select the check box next to the document you would like to Check Out ( 1 ). Once it is marked, the Check Out icon will appear in the menu bar in the upper right-hand side of the screen ( 2 ).


The following window will appear ( 3 ). Add any comments in the Comments field, then click OK .


When a document is checked out, the document icon will appear with a pencil attached in the bottom right-hand corner as demonstrated below:

Check out status

When a document is checked out, the Check In and Undo Check Out icons will show toolbar menu in the right hand corner



When edits have been completed, click the Check In icon ( 4 ) .

After clicking the Check In icon, the Versioning comments window will appear. ( 5 ) Add any comments in the Version comment field as demostrated.


To undo a Check Out , click the Undo Check Out icon ( 6 ).


  The Undo Check Out confirmation window will appear. Please note: UNSAVED CHANGES WILL BE LOST! Then select Yes ( 7 ).


When an Undo Check Out is complete, a confirmation message appears as shown below:



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