Agresso - Bank File Convert Load (BFCL) Quick Start Guide

The purpose of the Bank File Conversion Load (BFCL) is to convert a bank statement file (.csv .txt, etc) for import into Agresso along with a standardized naming convention.

To open the new BFCL program, navigate to your Citrix menu and select the BFCL V4 icon as shown below:

  1. Select the Environment for the Bank File Convert Load.
  2. Domain: HEIFERNET should auto-populate. If not, it will need to be entered.
  3. Log in using your Heifer Network User Name and Password. Click Next.

Note:  This login screen uses your Heifer network password, so when a password is changed, it will be changed here also. The system will be locked if you enter the incorrect user name and/or password after five (5) attempts.

  1. Select the Client for the bank statement file you are converting. 
    Note: Only the clients accessible to the user will be listed in the drop down menu.
  2. Select the Bank from the drop menu. Click Next.


The Name and Location of New File field will list the directory path of the bank statement file. This file is Read Only and assigned based upon the client you are converting so it cannot be changed.

  1. Replace the YYYYMM in the New File Name field with the applicable numerical format. Example: 201401. The program will validate if a valid Year and Month has been entered. An error message such as File name is not in correct format will be displayed if any of these are invalid. 
  2. Click the Open File.



  1. Browse to select the applicable bank statement file on your computer, and click Open. The conversion process will began.
  2. After the conversion is complete, click Continue.
  3. Verify that the file is not 0 bytes. Click OK.

    Note: If the file is 0 bytes, the conversion was not successful, and will need to be attempted again.

  1. If applicable, select Yes or No to Convert Another File.



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