CLICKSHARE Instructions - Ranch Enabled Systems


ClickShare Instructions For Ranch Enabled Systems

1.      Connect the ClickShare device (USB Dongle) to the laptop

2.      A small notification window should pop up indicating the ClickShare app is starting, give this 1-2 minutes to complete. The ring on the USB dongle should turn solid white when it's ready to use.

3.      Once the ring is solid white, press the button on the ClickShare dongle to start presenting your screen and connect to audio if using for a zoom meeting.

a.      If the ring changes to a flashing white indicator, scroll down to the troubleshooting section of this document.

4.      If being used for a Zoom meeting, open Zoom, then open Zoom Settings by clicking the Gear Icon in the upper righthand corner of the Zoom client.

5.      Ensure the Video Camera settings are set to Room Camera.


6.      Ensure Audio settings are set to Room Speakerphone.

7.      It is best practice to run the ?Test Speaker and Test Mic before your meeting starts.




Troubleshooting ClickShare

If the ClickShare dongle is flashing a white ring, try the following.

1.      Open Windows File Explorer and look for the CD Drive named ClickShare.


2.      Double Click on the CD Drive ClickShare


3.      Then click on Clickshare_for_Windows.exe

a.      Be sure that you only do this one time.

4.      If neither of these steps works, please unplug the ClickShare dongle and reboot the PC.

5.      Once rebooted, plug in the Clickshare dongle and see if the ClickShare notification automatically pops up notifying you it is starting the ClickShare app.

6.      If this fails again, proceed to the Workaround steps below.


Work around using cable- Use only if ClickShare system does not work properly. 

1.      Locate cable harness hanging on back of TV.? The cable will be labeled.

2.      Find the labeled cables plugged into the Clickshare unit on rear of TV. Unplug cables from ClickShare.- These cables will have blue tape.

3.      Now plug harness into cables that were just unplugged from the ClickShare Unit. They have blue tape to identify them.

4.      Now take the other end of the cable harness and plug into the presenting computer. HDMI and USB plugs.

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