How to book at desk with Tribeloo

How to book at desk with Tribeloo


Tribeloo offers two primary options to book a desk. Using Outlook with Tribeloo plug-in and the Tribeloo mobile app.? Below you will find instructions for each method.


Booking a desk using Outlook with the Tribeloo Plug-in 

If you would rather see a video of these steps, click HERE

1.      Open Outlook, and create a new appointment

2.      Set the Date and Time you wish to book the desk

3.      It is recommended to set the 'Show As' time to Free so others will not think you are busy in meetings when looking at your calendar.

4.      Now locate the Tribeloo plug-in on the tool ribbon and click on the icon


Graphical user interface

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5.      Using your Heifer credentials, log into the plug-in. (Remember to use the full username format as show below)

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6.      Continue logging in on the Systems Logon Page in your web browser.

7.      Once logged in, click Continue on the Plug-in

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8.      Choose the location and floor where you would like to reserve a desk. (Note, currently only the 2nd Floor is available).

9.      Now Click Map View to see an interactive map of available desks.

10.   A map view will appear that looks like the image below.? You may hoover over desks in Green to see what equipment is provided at the desk.


11.   Once you have located the desk you want to book, simply click the desk with your cursor.

12.   You will see a confirmation message in the Tribeloo plug-in letting you know your reservation was successful.

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13.   Last step is to click 'Save & Close' on the Outlook appointment.

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Booking a desk with the Tribeloo Mobile app

If you would rather see a video of these steps, click HERE

This method will explain how to walk up to a desk and instantly book an available desk.

1.      When you walk up to an available desk on the 2nd Floor, you will see a sign like the one below.

a.      Use the correct QR code at the bottom of the sign to download the Mobile App for your type of phone if you do not already have it. Apple and Android QR Codes are included. We recommend downloading the mobile app before scanning the Desk QR code.


Qr code

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2.      Once the Mobile app is installed, open your camera and scan the Desk QR code.

3.      The Tribeloo app will open and ask you to sign in.

a.      Use your Heifer Credentials in the full format. (

b.      Complete the sign in process

4.      You will notice you now have confirmation the desk is booked, but you may adjust the time if the default time block isn't sufficient. See screenshot below.

5.      Your reservation is now complete.

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