How to Print with PrinterLogic - US offices

How to print with PrinterLogic.

PC & MacOS


PrinterLogic is a printer client that should be deployed to all Heifer computers. If it is functioning correctly, printers on your floor should automatically be added to your device. If you do not see the printers, you can add them manually, here’s how. If you’re missing PrinterLogic and need it installed, see the featured KB article Installing Printer Logic - US Offices at or contact


  1. Navigate to from Chrome or Edge.
  2. Login with ADFS. This will redirect you to Heifer’s Federation Login.

  3. Once logged in, navigate to the site and floor that you’re on and choose the printer you need to install by clicking it.

    A dialog box will prompt you to install. Choose yes. You can also choose to set this printer as your default from this dialog box.

  4. You’re ready to print. Note, you may need to close and reopen the program you were trying to print from before you see the new printers added.

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