Cloud Mapper for Citrix

Cloud Mapper for Citrix


The OneDrive Client in Citrix is being replaced with Cloud Mapper to improve access to OneDrive and MS Teams data. 
By removing the OneDrive client in Citrix, we are addressing several issues including file synchronization and repeated logon requests from the OneDrive Client. 

What does Cloud Mapper do?   

  • Cloud Mapper creates network drives to cloud based locations, making it easy to access those locations via a traditional network drive letter.
  • Cloud Mapper maps a network drive to your OneDrive location giving Citrix users a network drive to access OneDrive data. This drive will appear as the O:\ drive. 
  • Cloud Mapper also maps a network drive to all MS Teams you have access to. This drive will appear as the T:\ drive. 

Getting Started with Cloud Mapper

  1. Cloud Mapper will map two Network drives. O: drive maps to your OneDrive folder and T: drive maps to all MS Teams sites you have access to. 
  2. Launch the desired application in Citrix.  (ie, Agresso, Word, Excel etc.)
    • A confirmation box will appear to confirm your account. Please click Confirm

3.  After launching the application, Cloud Mapper takes approximately 30-45 seconds to map the O: and T: drives. You may see the following box pop up in  your system tray:

4. Depending on the application, you will see a browse window like this when you Open or Save a document:


5.  In some instances, The O: and T: drives may not show up automatically. If this happens, click the refresh button on the File Browser box. 


6.  When saving spreadsheets, documents or reports, you will also have the option to save to your Heifer OneDrive or Teams folder via the O: and T: drives.

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