How to book meeting space using Outlook and Tribeloo

Key things to know about booking rooms at the Little Rock Office

  • All room bookings must go through Tribeloo.
  • The old way of booking rooms will no longer work.
  • A calendar for each room still exists and is viewable by all staff.
  • All Heifer meeting rooms are located on the 3rd and 4th floors.

Getting Started

  • Open Outlook → Calendar → Home-select Schedule a Meeting to get started. A new meeting window will appear. 

Note: If you would like to add Zoom to your meeting room, Zoom can be added anytime to the meeting invite.

  • Select the Tribeloo tab in the Outlook Ribbon to get started.

  • The Tribeloo sign in page will appear. Check the Remember me Box and sign-in using only your Heifer username, then select Login with SSO.

  • After clicking Login with SSO, the Heifer International System Login page will open in a browser window. Select sign in.

  • After Signing in, a Tribeloo confirmation will appear. Close the browser window and continue in Outlook. Note: Sign in is only required once per session or once per day.


  • After continuing in Outlook click Meeting Room in the Tribeloo window.


  • Select the location for the meeting or browse All Wings.


  • Other options include the number of people attending the meeting and amenities. 
       Entering the number of people helps find rooms that have enough capacity for your attendees.
       Choosing amenities allows booking of rooms with certain technology capabilities.

  • After all needed options are entered, a list of available rooms will appear. 
    • Notice the Map View option.  This option opens a separate window and displays a floor map so you can see where the rooms are located.  

  • Click the room you wish to book and a booking confirmation will appear immediately. 


  • Once the booking is confirmed, finish the meeting invite by clicking Send as you normally would. 
    Note: There will be an entry at the top of the invite that gives a link to the Tribeloo reservation.

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