Little Rock Office - Booking 4th Floor Large Conference Room

This article will cover the necessary steps to reserve the 4th Large Conference room in the Little Rock Office.  

Please note a minimum lead time of 2 days is required for room setup by facilities and techsupport.  

  1. Open New Meeting Invite in Outlook. 
  2. Book 4th Flex/Large Conference room in Tribeloo.
    • A message will appear in the Tribeloo pane:  “Needs Approval” but allows booking to complete and save to your calendar.  
  3. No action needed, informational:  Tribeloo sends an approval email to and a ticket is created.
    • Techsupport member will approve the request unless sent with in the 2 day lead time requirement.  
  4. Techsupport will send a link to the Laserfiche Meeting Room Request Form.  
  5. Fill out the form completely and Submit.
  6. No action needed, informational:  The form will send information to Facilities for room/table setup and Techsupport for Audio Video needs.  
  7. Once Facilities and Techsupport receive the information, a member from each department will reach out to coordinate the requested needs and provide support as needed.  


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