DUO Re-enrollment

Re-enrolling your DUO device.


This document details the process needed for the End User to re-enroll their mobile device in DUO.

?        I have a new device and access to my company email.

o   If you have received a new device and need to enroll in DUO again, email techsupport@heifer.org Include your device phone number in the email. We will resend you the enrollment SMS text.


?        I have a new phone number and access to my company email; I need to re-enroll in DUO

o   Send techsupport@heifer.org an email requesting re-enrollment. We will update our records with your new number and send a new enrollment SMS link.


?        I no longer have access to my DUO device and cannot access company email

o   Contact your manager and CC them on a email to techsupport@heifer.org We will need confirmation from your manager if you are requesting DUO re-enrollment from a email account other than your company email.


?        I do not have a company email with Heifer International but need DUO access to Heifer systems.

o   This applies to external users that still need to access certain Heifer systems. Reach out to your Heifer International contact and have them contact techsupport@heifer.org on your behalf. External request for DUO re-enrollment / enrollment must be verified by the internal team you are working with.


?        All other DUO related questions and inquires.

o   Check out our DUO articles available in our knowledge base at? http://itskb.heifer.org/

o   DUO FAQs: http://itskb.heifer.org/article.php?id=520

o   DUO Authentication: http://itskb.heifer.org/article.php?id=536


?        Still didn't find what you're looking for? Email us at Techsupport@heifer.org



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