Optix Error - RPC Server Unavailable and Remote Procedure Call Failed


Issue: Receive one of the follow errors when Indexing a batch in Optix

Cause:  When testing a new software update, it is occasional necessary to upload a new Workflow Helper Script to the users local Optix Workstation.  If the Workflow scripts dont match the correct Software version, the above messages may appear.

In this case, the Server Scripts are for Workstation and Batch Index 1.1. The user was testing new software, which required special User scripts for Workstation and Batch Index 1.2.

Resolution:  Add or Delete the User Workflow Helper Scripts

  1. Log into the Optix Workstation

  1. Under Tools, click on Edit Scripts

  1. Click on Workflow Helpers, then click on User
    1. The Buttons below will Darken and become available

  1. To ADD a Workflow Helpers Script
    1. The Add button is available to add a new User Script

  1. Click on Add, a Script Editor window when appear

    1. Mindwrap, the makers of Optix, will supply the new scripts
      1. These Scripts may be moved from the Mindwrap support site to the G:\Optix folder
      2. They also may be received via email
    2. Select and Delete the current contents of the unnamed script
    3. Use the software, Notepad, to open the new Script from Mindwrap
    4. Copy and paste the contents from Notepad into the Script Editor
    5. Name the new script or Activity Number according to the script names from Mindwrap
      1. Script 101 is used by the Index step
      2. Script 102 is used by the Data Entry step
      3. Script 103 is used by the QC step
    6. This is an example of User Scripts that have been added

  1. To DELETE or EDIT a Workflow Helpers Script
    1. Click on the Script that you would like to Edit or Delete
    2. Once the script is selected, all options are available

    1. To Delete, click on the Delete button

      1. Click Yes and the Script is deleted

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Created: Tue, Dec 10, 2013
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Author: David Stefan

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