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Installing Printer Logic - US Offices


This article give step by step instructions to manually install Printer Logic and enable printing at all US offices.  Please note that printer logic is automatically installed on all computers issued after April 2023.   Go to our SharePoint site... Read More

How to Re-Map Network Drives v2

How to Re-Map Network Drives   While working remotely, you may notice that one or more of the network drives have been disconnected and as a result, may be present in the “My PC” section of Windows.  It’s also possible that this may occur... Read More

New Hire FAQ

New Hire IT FAQs   What do I send techsupport when I have an issue? When emailing Techsupport about an issue, please capture in your message a screenshot of any errors, any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken and when was your last... Read More

Citrix Cloud - Getting Started Guide

Citrix Cloud - Getting Started Guide   Getting Started with Citrix Cloud 1.      Open new browser window and navigate to ? Bookmark this URL 2.      Log in with your username and password, then complete the DUO... Read More

How to book at desk with Tribeloo

How to book at desk with Tribeloo   Tribeloo offers two primary options to book a desk. Using Outlook with Tribeloo plug-in and the Tribeloo mobile app.? Below you will find instructions for each method.   Booking a desk using Outlook with the... Read More

Zoom - How to add Interpreters to Meeting and Webinars

Zoom – How to add Interpreters to Meetings and Webinars    Overview:  Users that would like to include interpreters in their meetings or webinars now can enable Language Interpretation. This allows the host to designate up to 20 participants as... Read More

DUO Re-enrollment

Re-enrolling your DUO device.   This document details the process needed for the End User to re-enroll their mobile device in DUO. ?        I have a new device and access to my company email. o   If you have received a new device and... Read More

Home User Setup Guide

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