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Duo Push: The Best Way to Authenticate

Duo Push: The Best Way to Authenticate Duo Push is an authentication request you’ll receive as a notification on your smartphone. It’s quicker, easier, more secure, and cheaper than receiving text messages or phone calls. To use... Read More

Laserfiche Forms - Using the Operational Dashboard

As we build more forms in Laserfiche and broaden the users - we want to make sure that we document some of the functionality that is now available for Form Managers in Laserfiche Forms. Not everyone will be able to see the dashboards associated with... Read More

Cloud Mapper for Citrix

Cloud Mapper for Citrix   The OneDrive Client in Citrix is being replaced with Cloud Mapper to improve access to OneDrive and MS Teams data.  By removing the OneDrive client in Citrix, we are addressing several issues including file synchronization... Read More

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