Scanner Installation Guide - Epson

Please Note: The scanner software download is 422mb and may take a while. For time efficiency, it is best to first download the scanner software package, and then proceed to remove all packing materials.

1)       Ensure the scanner is not yet connected to your computer.

2)       Go to in a web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) to install and setup scanner software package.

3)       Download the Drivers and Utilities Combo Package .



4)       After the download is complete, click to Open the download which is in the bottom left-hand corner if using Chrome or top right-hand corner if using Firefox .


Figure 1 Chrome


Figure 2 Firefox

5)       Click Run to start the download.



6)       Then, click OK to the pop-window This file contains everything you need to use your Epson DS-530 .


7)       Select applicable language, then click Next.


8)       Then click to Accept the license agreement.


9)       Next, click the Install button in the Software Selection window. Drivers and software will proceed to install.



10)   After the scanner software is installed, click Next to begin the Scanner Setup.


11)   Now, as instructed by the on screen prompt, connect the USB cable to your computer and turn on the scanner .
Caution: Only use the supplied USB connector. Not doing so may cause the scanner to malfunction.



12)   After scanner is detected, a green check will appear and scanner will be connected.


13)   After the scanner is connected, uncheck I want to register my product . Then click Exit .



14)   After the scanner is connected, the Epson Software Updater window will appear and prompt to install any recent updates.
Click Install if applicable and Agree to license agreement to proceed. If desired, check to select the other two additional features.



15)   After clicking to install, Agree the updater license agreement, and click OK for the updates to proceed.


16)   After the updates have installed, click OK to the The Installation was successful pop-up and Exit the updater window.

17)   Then, click OK to Enable automatic checking for software updates, if appears.


18)   The scanner software installation will be complete. Now, go to the Start or Windows icon.
Depending on your Windows version, browse to All Programs , Programs or Apps >> Epson Software >> Document Capture Pro to open the scanner software.


19)   Once open, ensure the Epson scanner is selected, then click OK .




20)   The scanner platform will now be ready to scan documents. Click Scan to PDF to begin scanning or click Job Settings to choose another file output type and/or destination of scanned documents. The default destination folder for scanned documents is the Documents folder.


21)   If preferred, to change the destination folder of scanned documents to another folder, select Job Settings as shown above.
Then, double click the Scan to PDF icon button.


22)   Next, click Save >> Browse >> select or created new folder. Then click OK.


Tech Tip: An Epson scanning user guide also installs along with the software. For further scanning guidance, go to the Start or Windows icon.
Depending on your Windows version, browse to All Programs , Programs or Apps >> Epson >> Epson DS – 530 User's Guide .



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