Laserfiche - How to Submit Facilities Set-Up Assistance Form

Facilities Set Up Assistance Form - Event Team Instructions


Browse to:

























The following fields will be filled in automatically:






Enter an Event Name:

In the Event Workorder# field, type the first few letters to select from a list of workorders



Select an Event Date and Event Time:

Select a Room(s):

If you need to add another room, click Add to do so as shown below:


You can add as many rooms as needed:








Add any other location that is not on the list:

Select the appropriate Needs:


You will get extra fields to Enter Number of Guards, Start Time and End Time.


You will get an HVAC Notes field to enter your notes.

Parking Email

No additional fields are needed


Golf Cart

No additional fields are needed



Select Before, During and/or After


Hospitality Needs

Select Item and Quantity

Items to Select:


Set Up Assistant

If choose Set Up Assistance, please select applicable options. If Other, please explain in the box field as shown below:

If Set Up Date/Time is different, select the option and fill in the appropriate fields.


Add any Additional Notes and Instructions:

Add Attachments such as maps, diagraphs, etc.

When form is completed, click Submit

The form will be submitted to the Facilities team and the form submitter will be notified when the Facilities portion is reviewed and completed.

If any changes to the form are requested from Facilities, the submitter will receive an email notification to make any applicable changes and re-submit the updated form.



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