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We are excited to launch the new electronic Agresso Access Form.  We hope this will make accessing Agresso easier – with more clarity on what each access role grants and what different positions within Heifer need to accomplish their responsibilities more efficiently. To access Laserfiche Forms, go to You will most likely need to log into the system (unless you were already connected to Laserfiche).  Remember to use your Heifer ID ( and password to login (or use the Windows Authentication if at HQ).

Starting a Process

After logging into the forms site, you will be able to start a process. 

  • Click on the “Start Process” button:


  • Choose the process you need (in this case Agresso Access Form) – click on the “Start” button for that form:




Complete the form:

 The Contact Name/Information will automatically populate.




  • Start with the reason for the access
    • New Hire? There must be a Workforce announcement sent through HR BEFORE any Agresso Access can be given
    • Please Note: If the New Hire needs access to timesheets ONLY, there is no need to fill out an Agresso access form. Timesheet access is automatically given to all Heifer employees after the workforce announcement has been distributed.
  • Change in existing access?
    • When you select “Change” the employee’s current access will populate automatically in the lower part of the form. Please verify that the employee does not already have the access you are requesting. 
    • Remove: If there are roles that the employee will no longer need (if they are changing positions within Heifer) and check the “Remove” box next to any current access that is no longer needed. should be removed.
    • You do not need to fill this form out for Departures – their access will be terminated when the Workforce announcement has been distributed.



  • Select the applicable Employee Classification
  • Enter the employee’s Preferred Full Name. (the example shown here is Michelle Mangum- her legal name is Clara Michelle Mangum – but prefers to go by Michelle, and HR has entered that information into her personnel record in Agresso.  This is what we will use for the form.
    • This will populate from the workforce announcement that was sent through HR.
    • If the staff is called by a different name than their legal first name, this should be noted in the workforce announcement as their “preferred” name. This is the field that the form will populate from. 
    • If you are trying to enter someone’s name and it is not showing in the listing, it is most likely that they have not been created in the system yet. Please follow up with HR to ensure that their workforce announcement has been sent.
  • Employee Email/Title/Department and Location will auto populate – you should not need to enter this.
  • Supervisor or Alternate Approver: If applicable, enter the name and email of the alternate Supervisor approver.
  • Choose the default language (English or Spanish)
  • Start Date/End Date:
    • Please Note: Enter a start and end date ONLY if this a limited time access; otherwise the access will be for the time frame that the employee is in the current position.



  • What Environment is needed?
    • All users will need access to Production to fulfill their job responsibilities.
    • Many users will start in the Training environment to ensure their understanding of how to use the system before moving to Production.
    • The Test environment is used by those testing new functionality in the system.
    • Other – this will rarely be used, this is for system developers and admins and update testing. 




  • Citrix Access
    • If the user will be using the “Smart Client” (not Agresso Web i.e. timesheets), they will need Citrix access.
    • If yes is selected – all environments chosen will be given in Citrix.




 Countries/Clients the employee will need access to

    • It will be assumed that all employees will need access to their default client (this is the country that the user is located).
    • If the user will need more than their default – Select Yes, and choose all the countries that apply.



 Next, you will be asked:  How do you wish to fill out the access request? 

Filling the form out by a predefined grouping or individually listing all access requested.

Security Access Packages

There are some roles created as a “package” of security access for particular roles such as finance staff or HR staff to simplify requests for Agresso access.  There are also links within the form that will take you to the IT Knowledge Base articles explaining the different packages such as HQ Security Access Packages , Country Office Security Access Packages and  Agresso Security Role Information  to explain individual roles.

Individual Security Role Access

This choice will depend upon the submitter’s knowledge of security roles. You will need to add each role as needed.  If the Individual approach is taken, note that the form will need to go through extra approvals (Subject Matter Experts will have to approve for their respective modules) and may take more time


  • Security Access Packages
    • It is recommended that you click on the “Security Package Information” link to clarify what the different roles in the dropdown represent.
    • Choose the role that is needed
      • Note that if access is needed in a country other than the user’s default, it must be noted in the country section above.



  • Individual Security Access Roles
    • It is recommended that you click on the “Overview of Agresso Access” link to clarify what the different access roles represent.
    • Click on the dropdown and select the role that is needed
      • Click Add Role and repeat
      • Note that if access is needed in a country other than the user’s default, it must be noted in the country section above. (If different access is needed for each country – please note in the comment section.)




HQ User

  • This is needed to differentiate from Headquarter and Country Office security roles.



  • Special Requests
  • Questions


  • File Upload
    • This is for any supporting information needed for special requests.
    • If the form is NOT filled out and an Agresso Access form is attached and submitted – it will NOT be accepted.


 Click Submit

Business Form Process

After you complete the form, it will go through the business process. First it will go to the employee’s supervisor – so please note if you are the supervisor of the employee needing access, you will need to APPROVE the request as well as SUBMIT the request.  Below is an illustration of the initial step of the process.  The request is submitted – the Supervisor receives and email alerting them of a task to complete in Laserfiche Forms.  If changes need to be made, the request can be sent back to the submitter.  The request can also be rejected or approved.  If rejected, an email notification will be sent to the submitter to advise them of the rejection (PLEASE enter a comment to advise the submitter WHY their request has been rejected).  If Approved, the request will be sent to the Agresso Access team (IT Response).





After the Agresso Access Team receives the request – if it is an Access Package that fits the employee’s role, they can then go ahead and give the access and inform the employee/submitter/supervisor that the access has been granted.

If there are questions concerning the access, the Agresso Access Team can send the request back to the submitter and ask for clarification - it will then go back to the supervisor for approval.

If the access requested requires the Subject Matter Expert approval – then the Agresso Access Team will assign it to the appropriate SME (Subject Matter Expert) for their approval or rejection.  If approved, it will go back to the Agresso Access Team for the access to be granted – if rejected an email will be sent to advise employee/submitter/supervisor of rejection and reason.




If you are a supervisor and you have several forms/processes to which you are assigned, you do not have to go to each email and click on the link to access all your tasks.  You can log into Laserfiche Forms to view any tasks that you need to complete.

Via computer



Via mobile (see mobile app video and mobile forms video)





Viewing the Final Form

When you receive the final email stating that the form has been completed, there will be a link in that email that you can click on that will take you directly to the form you are wanting to view.  (Note you may need to log in to Laserfiche – if not already logged in.)

  • The first page of the final form may be an outline of who/what/when
    • Who was involved
    • What they did
    • When they performed each action

  • The remaining pages will be the completed form, showing all signatures, in its electronic format.


Downloading/Saving the Final Form

Note that the workflow for all forms saves the form in the Laserfiche Repository and can always be accessed via the link provided to you – or by looking in Task (Tasks involving me).  Sometimes you may want a copy of the document saved for your personal records outside of Laserfiche.  If that is the case, you will need to download the document (form) and save it to the location that you prefer.

  • Go to the form – note that the SAVE button is not functional.

  • Click on the file name – then click on Download



  • Choose what options you want for downloading the file
    • Image
    • File type
    • Save all the pages? Selecting All will save the Workflow information as well
    • Password – YOU DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO PASSWORD PROTECT THE FILE. This is not asking for your login password.
  • Click on Download
  • Click on the downloaded file to open it. (this is shown in a Chrome Browser)




  • You can now right click on the pdf and “save as” or print as needed.



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