New Hire FAQ

New Hire IT FAQs


  1. What do I send techsupport when I have an issue?
    • When emailing Techsupport about an issue, please capture in your message a screenshot of any errors, any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken and when was your last computer reboot. This information will help us assist you faster.
  2. Where can I find links to Heifer systems?
  3. What is DUO, and why do I have to use it?
    • Duo MFAmakes two-factor authentication easy by using the DUO Mobile app for all smartphones.
    • SMS Text authentication is also available, but not recommended.
    • DUO is bypassed when connected to a trusted network, which includes Little Rock Offices, Heifer Ranch and Heifer DC Office.
    • DUO’s multi-factor authentication is used to login to many Heifer systems such as Laserfiche, Office365 and more.

To see more on the DUO Mobile App, review this KB Article:




  1. What is SpecOps, and when do I use it?
    • If you happen to forget your password, lock your account, or need to update your password visit
    • Users can reset their own passwords and unlock their accounts without Techsupport’s assistance. Completely self-service friendly.
    • SpecOps software is a leading password management and authentication solution. SpecOps protects business data by blocking weak passwords and securing user authentication.
    • For more information on how to use SpecOps Password manager, check out our knowledge base article.



  1. Can I order additional IT equipment if needed?
  2. Where can I find training for commonly used systems at Heifer?
    • Check out these approved trainings:

7. Why is my local laptop password different from my network/systems password?

  • Laptop local passwords currently do not sync when a password is changed. Do not forget your welcome letter password if you change it. What does this mean? When you change your network password with SpecOps, the PC login or the “local login” does not change.
  • The password can be synced over the VPN. If you have access to the VPN, just connect and it will sync automatically. Connecting to the VPN. If you do not have access to the VPN, please contact Tech Support if you wish to sync your local password.

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